Welcome to Optotutor

As a locum I found my opinions didn’t matter and my use in practice was restricted to just performing the eye test, maybe a contact lens check if I was lucky. The need to change from the normal 9 to 5, and wanting to get away from factory style in-and-out testing gave birth to Optotutor. I found with the significant experience I had I was uniquely able to see where students were forgotten and left behind, and thought: This isn’t fair, there must be more available out there than what they have access to.

In-person courses allow 1-to-1 training to highlight areas that you as an individual need to work on ahead of your assessments. It’s broken down into the different assessments you need to have, specifically focusing on what you need to know at that particular time.

Online training sessions are now available to cover competencies from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to travel for hours to see someone that is willing to help you study. You no longer have to revise for hours on end wondering what material might come up.

The online portal aims to make resources more accessible to you, that are specifically aimed at making your revision easier. Connect with other pre reg students, and learn from each other’s experiences: We are all here to help each other through this difficult year of the scheme for registration, and Optotutor will help you all as much as possible in the journey. Look out for new videos and articles each week, and share your experiences, and any useful resources.

You don’t have to do your Pre-registration year on your own.

Lots of love

Bansi – Your Optotutor