OSCE 20 stations (+10 Practicals)

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Advice on how to approach the OSCEs, covering data interpretation, dispensing and 20 different MOCK stations, and additional 10 practical sessions, with immediate feedback.

There are 2 session options: 15 stations (+7 practicals) or 20 stations (+10 practicals)

For both sessions, you will start at 9am, and spend the morning doing the following:

Review OSCE Guidance: Cover any changes especially in light of COVID rules, but also run briefly through what the day is going to be like for you.

Miscellaneous Stations: There are 18 1 minute stations that test your knowledge and highlight areas that you might be struggling with, so we can focus our learning and revision on the day honing in on skills you need  to improve.

Dispense Stations: there are 3 5 minute stations to ensure you can perform calculations and focimetry measurements – and time spent ensuring you have the appropriate skills and technique to be able to understand how to use the manual focimeter.

Data Interpretation:  There are 15 1 minute stations will put you through the paces, and highlight common conditions that are in images or field plots; focusing on signs, symptoms, and referral. You will get 40 stations to take away and work at home as well.

10 mins break

OSCE Sample Station Analysis: The station provided by the college will be dissected and explained: what are the things they are looking for? how can you make sure you look out for the things they want you to pick up in each station.

MOCK OSCE stations 1-5 & Feedback

MOCK OSCE stations 6-10 & Feedback

MOCK OSCE stations 11-15 & Feedback

MOCK OSCE stations 16-20 & Feedback

OSCE Practical Stations 1-10

Student Action Plan & Advice: written advised given as well and feedback on each station reviewed and an action plan created.

It is a very intense day, but there are ample opportunities to ask questions as its just me and you: and I will give you my 100% attention to ensure you walk away from the session feeling a lot more prepared for the OSCE session.


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