Practical Skills Workshop

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Day 1:  If you are finding having had minimal practice at university, you are struggling with your practical skills and if you want to get faster, efficient, and better in your investigative techniques, I can help you with that. Practical skills: speed, professionalism, and efficiency, but also technique, will be covered in this workshop.

Day 2:Dispensing is difficult at the best of times, and sometimes getting your head around the calculations can be exceedingly difficult. This in-person training session looks at how to prepare for dispensing competencies, focusing on dispensing calculations, different types of dispenses as well as manual practical focimetry skills as well.

Day 3: Binocular vision is one of the hardest things to understand. This day workshop looks at helping you grasp the vital knowledge and acts as an opportunity for you ask questions to help prepare you for assessments but also practical day to day knowledge required in practice.


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