Written Work Assessment and Feedback


A Reflective account (RA) is required as a new type of evidence for specific competencies:

1.2.1 Understands px expectations and manages situations where these cannot be met

1.2.2 Communicating with difficult px

2.2.1 Is able to manage all patients including those who have additional clinical or social needs (x2)

2.2.4 Record Keeping

2.2.6 Referral Pathways

4.1.5 Dispensing a range of lens forms (x3)

4.1.7 Manages non- tolerance cases.

8.1.3 Adult patients with Heterophoria

Witness Testimonies (WT) is evidence required from Visit 1:

5.1.3 Contact Lens (Insertion and Removal, and Fitting)

3.1.1 Keratometry

4.1.2 Measures and verifies optical

3.1.8 Assess the anterior chamber signs of ocular inflammation



For University Students wanting coursework looked at, 1 piece of work counts as 1000 word count max.


The College have asked for Reflective Accounts, and its a 1000-1500 word long essay. And there’s Witness Testimonies to do too!

But not having done this before, it can be difficult to get your head around whats required!

We can have a look at your RA or Witness Testimonies for you and give you feedback on how to prepare. You will get a list of questions to help you organise and get ready for your Stage 1 Assessments.



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