Success Stories

It was clear, concise and informative. It was a nice alternative to reading my notes. The PowerPoint wasn’t text heavy. The fields plots, fundus photos and other images made the information easy to digest such as the use of the table for convergence excess etc.

Thank you for taking the time out to share your knowledge. I’m looking forward to the next session!

Thank you very much for the tutorial tonight – I’ve struggled to find webinars tailored to my current stage at the moment (I’ve been joining in with CET webinars during lockdown to keep myself busy). looking forward to next week!

I thought it was very well organized and thought it was so helpful! In particular, I appreciated:

  • the discussion of each topic, in particular the different types of HAs
  • The case studies and giving us the chance to figure the answers out on our own first.
  • Discussion of the answers
  • Your positive attitude!

Thanks again and have a great night! Looking forward to the next one.

Thank you very much for this evening – I found it very useful and helpful – especially explaining all the different headaches!

Thanks so much for the webinar tonight and am looking forward to next week’s one.

It’s good to type the answers! And good also that you went through the potential assessor questions as well, I love case scenarios too as they crop up a lot in assessments so that element is useful.

I just wanted to say the webinar was great! It was really helpful and great revision. I also learned a few new things as well! Thank you very much!

I really liked the way you incorporated ocular and pediatric disease into the dispensing cases which really made them come to life and what we may see in real optometric practice rather than just prescriptions!

Another great webinar, I loved the case scenarios as it helps to implement our clinical knowledge into practice.

I found it interesting listening your unique stories from your clinical careers as it shows we can do more than just glasses- keep them coming!

It’s really kind of you to offer these sessions for free! It has definitely kept us all motivated and we always look forward to Saturdays with you. We’re eternally grateful to yourself and your team for your effort and hard work.

I’ll definitely be there till the last session. And once again thank you so much. The Optotutor service is great and I can’t wait for what’s next! I’m glad I’ve stayed.

Your session yesterday was brilliant! You have highlighted many areas that I am struggling with and need to focus on more. The homework afterwards is an excellent way to recap the tutorial and read up on what I am struggling with.

I really appreciate that after each session you go through all the questions asked in the chat and then email us all the responses.

Thank you for everything you are doing!

Thank you so much for this it was very helpful and allowed me to consolidate my learning.

I just wish I had come across your page earlier so I could have joined in with the previous modules!

Thank you for today’s session. It was the first one I’ve had the chance to join and it was really, really helpful, entertaining and interesting. Not many people can hold everyone’s attention like that!

And I really appreciate you going out of your way to hold these sessions for us- they’re really beneficial!

I’ll most certainly be joining the next one!

Thank you very much for these tutorials Bansi, we really appreciate all your hard work and efforts and thanks for changing the timing for Ramadan, you’re an absolute legend!!!

We really do appreciate all these sessions and the fact you’re taking your time out from your evening to help us preregs out.

With these unprecedented times, it is really difficult to find motivation to revise, but these sessions have definitely kept us going this lockdown.

I am extremely grateful for the informative tutorials which are delivered by Bansi every Saturday. To show such compassion and support for Pre-registration Optometrists during such uncertain times is what make her a remarkable individual.

She has been accommodating and altering her timings to suit the needs of Muslims, like myself during Ramadan which convey her down to earth and supportive personality.

I can only speak kind words about her as the time and effort which goes into delivering her tutorials is evident and very obvious. We are extremely thankful.

Thank you for conducting these tutorials and giving up your time, they are really helpful during these unprecedented times.

I am regurgitating the information from University which is very useful and interacting with other students is also great.

Thank you again for your time.

Thank you for such a thorough and useful web tutorial today, I definitely found it very helpful and informative and I am looking forward to the future web tutorials!

Brilliant lecture as always! Your large differential diagnosis red eye map is excellent and the images you use are perfect in aiding what you are saying and highlighting key signs on fundus images for example.

A lot of information covered in a short period of time but the sessions never feel rushed. Thank you for taking the time out to help us all!