The Online OSCE Workshop

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The Online OSCE Workshop goes through the 4 key categories that are assessed at the OSCEs. It is designed to allow you to revise at your convenience, teaching you how to approach different stations, and breaking them down with corresponding answers, focusing on Communication skills, Practicals, Data interpretation and History and symptoms. Handouts/worksheets and supporting material is downloadable for students that sign up. There are 64 different stations that are available to attempt on this online module: 16 Communication, 16 Practical, 16 Data Interpretation and 16 History Taking stations to be attempted, with recorded answers, as well as 3-4 examples of each category discussed and explained as well., equating to almost 80 different stations you would have exposure to. This would usually amount to a 2-day in person course, so there is plenty to keep you focused and revising ahead of your upcoming OSCEs. This content will be visible to you for 30 days only


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Rajeshwari Sagar