OSCE Session 1-5

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There are 5 different OSCE sessions and they will be small, controlled groups of 2 students only per session.

Each evening a different session will be running with different stations covered.

Each session has 10 stations (all different), and they are broken down into:

History and symptoms

Data Interpretation


Practical Skills

There are 2 of each type, that you would perform (there is a maximum of 2 students that would be on each call, so you will do 4 stations each and listen to 4 attempts)

As well as 2 stations that I would break down for you and explain what to do and what the assessor would be looking for.

There are 5 session and each session has 10 stations, so all 5 sessions will have 50 different stations, which you can do all in one day if you wanted – they take approximately 1.5 hours each, and you will get immediate feedback online, as well as a detailed email with all the points to work on as well, emailed to you on the same day, so you can take immediate action. If you wish to do all 5 sessions in 1 day, please email me directly for more information on this:


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Meet Your Optotutor

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Rajeshwari Sagar

Rajeshwari Sagar