All Access Masterclass

£75.00 for 2 weeks


There is no limitation on access: you are able to see content across all of the Optotutor’s Online Learning Platforms. You will have 2 weeks access to all material including Stage 1 and 2 Revision Lectures if you need to refresh some of your knowledge. You will have access to all Optotutor content, including over a100 different stations and examples for the OSCEs, with plenty of explanations. Practical videos to show you what to do, and what to avoid, communication examples of how to explain conditions, as well as supportive history and symptoms: tips and tricks! This is your study buddy for the OSCEs and in the lead up. This online session is only available at a discounted rate during OSCE week. Access to this content is limited to 14 days, and there is no recurring charge. Should you wish to have continued access, you will need to purchase the LMS course on a recurring subscription, and the Online OSCE Workshop can be purchased for 30 days at a time.


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